Windows Phone 7 For All

Brian in Gadgets | 0 Comments July 22, 2010

As has already been reported many times, Microsoft is giving each of its 80,000 employees a Windows Phone 7 device at launch.  As a long time Windows Mobile user (and Pocket PC Phone, Pocket PC and Palm-Sized PC user – man has this technology had a lot of names) I’m excited to see Microsoft aggressively re-entering the phone space.  I hope it can compete with the iPhone and Android phones and from what I’ve seen of devices and read in early reviews, Windows Phone will be strong competition.

A question on many peoples’ minds is what Microsoft is going to do about the 14,000 or so iPhones that are currently connected to its corporate Exchange servers.  Some of more excited and proud Microsoft folks have suggested that Microsoft IT should no longer allow iPhones to be connected.  After all, we’ll all be carrying superior Windows Phones, right?  I believe disconnecting this crowd would be a massive mistake.  The iPhone-carrying folks at Microsoft are a huge asset to Windows Phone’s product planning team.  Six months after this deployment of free Windows Phones, how many of those 14,000 iPhones are still actively connected to the corporate network?  If I were a product planner on the Windows Phone team I’d find the opinions of these employees hugely valuable.  I’d survey them.  I’d work with them to deeply understand their attachment to their iPhone.  Then I’d apply what I learned to Windows Phone 8 and repeat the whole cycle again and again until that 14,000 number dropped to zero.

What do you think Microsoft will do?

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